Specialist Module Cameras

Quality board cameras, PCB cameras and a range of finished products.

Pacific Corporation HQ is based in Tokyo and Kawasaki, Japan. We developed the world’s first CCD board camera in 1987 and we are specialists in top quality PCB board cameras, housed cameras and related camera products. Pacific has been established for over twenty years and is the largest Japanese producer of board cameras.

You can be sure that within our comprehensive range you will find the board camera, PCB camera or mini camera for your precise needs and application. We utilise the latest features and sensors and offer external synchronisation on many products.

Below are some of our range of the latest technical cameras. We have many other products and can offer custom designed camera solutions. Have a look at our models and full specifications and get in touch if you need anything specific. We often find a solution to suit you.

Compact and versatile camera board module for professional applications.

Multi featured CCD technology board camera with true Day/Night option.

Broadcast Quality High Definition 20X Zoom

Very compact, 3 chip broadcast quality from a single sensor.

Mini lens broadcast camera for tight spaces.


Machine Vision

ANPR (inc. mobile)

Inspection Systems

Surveillance Systems

and Shipping


Covert Observation

Industrial Applications